E2E Marketing Services

TheHedhome E2E (Educator to Educator) Marketing Services helps you connect to the right people within the right institutions for partnership discussions.

How it works:

  1. Work with Hedhome to verify your programs and courses as being available and qualified for partnerships. Verified courses are successful, high-quality and licensable (i.e. copyright cleared) and are ready to be delivered through a partner institution either through a content licensing agreement or a marketing partnership.

  2. Once verified, Hedhome works with you to post a unique landing page on Hedhome.com for each verified program and course. Each page outlines important partnership information including what materials are available and the partnership options your institution is willing to consider. Click here for a sample landing page.

  3. Start marketing. Use the landing pages to promote your materials to other institutions. Hedhome offers additional E2E marketing services including exposure in Portfolio Development reports and customized marketing programs.

Contact us to learn more, or propose a course for verification.