Peer Analytics - Business Development

In a similar way that Peer Analytics for Portfolio Development helps you introduce new courses, Peer Analytics for Business Development helps you expand into new markets with your existing courses.

Here’s how it works:

Start by assembling a list of your existing courses and programs that you feel are eligible for promotion or sale outside your local market area. This may include online courses that students register for directly with your institution, or any course suitable for distribution through remote institutional partners.

We then work with you to generate peer analytics dashboards for:

  • Proposed Categories
  • Selected Categories
  • Market Gaps
  • Course Gaps

Proposed Categories

The Proposed Categories dashboard is generated from Hedhome’s course database and shows a ranked list of course categories in which your institution has more courses than the national average. Use this to consider adding to your list of programs and courses to promote outside of your local market area.

Selected Categories

The Selected Categories dashboard combines your list of eligible courses with the courses found in the Proposed Categories dashboard.

Use this as the master list of courses and programs you intend to promote outside your local market, either through direct promotion or institutional partnerships.

Market Gaps

The Market Gaps dashboard compares the courses within your Selected Categories dashboard to those in other major regional markets. Use this to target the best municipal regions for all your selected courses and programs.

Course Gaps

The Course Gap dashboard shows regional market opportunities for specific course categories. Regional markets without any courses may be considered open markets. Markets with multiple institutions offering similar courses may also be opportunities, as some institutions may be looking to broaden their course offering within the category.

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