Peer Analytics - Portfolio Development

Hedhome compares your continuing education course portfolio to other institutions’ portfolios. These comparisons provide benchmarks and insights into potential new programs and partnerships to help build your continuing education business.

Here’s how it works:

Start by choosing the institutions you want to be compared to. Hand-pick institutions, or select based on the size, type or location.

We then work with you to generate peer analytics dashboards for:

  • Baseline measurements
  • Market gaps
  • Course gaps
  • Partnerships


The Baseline dashboard shows the profile of your course portfolio and how it compares to other institutions locally and nationally. Use this to establish benchmarks and track your progress year over year.

Local Market Gaps

The Local Market Gap dashboard shows which course categories are under-represented in your local market compared to our national database of over 30,000 continuing education courses. Use this to gain a broad, national perspective regardless of your local market or your institution’s areas of expertise.

Custom Market Gaps

Building off the local market gap dashboard, Hedhome works with you to develop a Custom Market Gap dashboard that is specific to your market and your institution. Select the most viable opportunities for your institution and remove those that aren’t relevant to your market or don’t fit your institution’s strategic direction or capabilities.

Together, we select and rank your most-viable local opportunities.

Course Gaps

Course Gap dashboards drill-down into each opportunity to identify the courses offered in each institution and each local market. Here you see the course frequency (average number of courses offered per institution) and the course distribution (the number of institutions offering similar courses).

See the titles of all course offered within the category to understand where courses are offered and the topic addressed in each course.

Partner-in Feasibility

If you’re looking to partner with other institutions instead of building new courses in-house, use the Partner-In Feasibility dashboard to create partner shortlists based on the available courses, region and learning management system.

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