Peer Analytics - Methodology
Hedhome indexes courses from leading universities and colleges based on the continuing education course calendars. Each course is then categorized to a Hedhome-category (for example Business, Accounting, Managerial Accounting) which enables accurate and consistent categorical comparisons. Once categorized, course portfolios from peer institutions can be compared and analyzed to reveal a variety of course and partnership opportunities including:

National Portfolio : Local Portfolio

Discover market gaps of courses offered nationally compared to courses offered locally.

National Portfolio : Institutional Portfolio

Reveals potential material licensing or partnership opportunities for institutions to either bring courses in from peer institutions, or expand existing courses out to peer institutions. Reveals the common learning objectives and learner hours addressed in an average course, and provides benchmarks to course and program design professionals.

Local Portfolio : Institutional Portfolio

Reveals the relative proportional supply of courses within the local market (the supply “market share”), indicating where institutions have chosen to invest and in which categories.

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